Delight EP

by Delight

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Going trough so many changes in the last few years I felt in need of changing my old alias and taking longer breaks from making and publishing new music. This was really important to me because I needed that time to find and realize myself. ... Back then I didn't care about my listeners and lost many of them so. Looking now at the stil huge amount of people from all over the world who follow me I want to thank everyone who stil listens, leaves a comment, or just presses the like and share buttons to let me know that they like what they hear. I want to thank everyone who considers me as an artist, who believes in my ideas or who just empathizes with the language my music speaks. I'm sure some of you waiting for a comeback of my old project but there won't be a comeback of my older state of mind. Counsciousness is something that developes whenever you work out the things around you. And since I've been working a lot my own state of mind developed as well so there's no way back anymore. I would harm myself heading back, so I hope you can understand that and look forward to my forthcoming music with a positive feeling about it.

This EP titled "Delight", same as my current artist's name contains 5 tracks. It's the first time I gave my music titles in russian language. The reason for it is quite simple: languages are different in many ways and the feeling my music evoces can be described best with this language. For all my international listeners who can't read the names of my tracks an english translation of them is added here:

01 Nebesa (Skies)
02 Sila Sveta (The Power of Light)
03 Zov Serdsa (Heart's Call)
04 Domovoy (Good Folk)
05 Sogrey Menya Swoyey Ulybkoy (Warm Me Up With Your Smile)


released February 7, 2016



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Delight Germany

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